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H Singh M

Gender m
Height (cm) 183.0
Age 33
Marital Status divorced
Amrit yes
Location Toronto
Education Bachelor of Commerce, IT Management With Major in Telecommunications and Networking, Minor in Marketing

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!!! I am looking to get married to someone who has grown up in North America. I may consider someone who has recently come from India depending on certain factors but I will not be going to India. I was married but the marriage was short lived because girl was not compatible for married life due to the way God created her but she was a nice girl. However, how God created her couldn't be changed. As I never had any relationship, there was no chance of a kid so I have no kids either (good valid concern so I just want to be clear up front). I am Amaritdhari and make Gurbani the centre of my life. I would prefer someone who also believes in Gurbani. I would prefer someone who is not married as I am like a non-married person but I may consider someone who is divorced depending on why the divorce happened and how long the marriage lasted. I will also consider a non-Amaritdhari girl as long as she is honest and wants to have a good happy marriage and will not interfere in my Gurmat based life. I work as a Programmer and work from home and have almost 8 years of experience in my field so I am well settled. I like watching sports and movies as well so I am not a jogi either. I do not mind listening to music either. I enjoy playing sports (hockey and soccer) and doing work around the house."


2018-08-27 04:24:40