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Amritdhari Canadian Professional Young Woman-2018

Gender f
Height (cm) 174.0
Age 27
Marital Status divorced
Amrit yes
Location BC
Education Dental Hygiene Diploma

I'm a keskidhari dental professional practicing for the past 6 years in Vancouver. I try to lead my life according to basic sikhi principles and strive to be a humble, nonjudgemental and compassionate person. I believe in equality, seva, justice, honesty and having a meditative open mindset. I'm creative, thoughtful and genuine person who likes to keep a healthy diet and including exercise into my daily routine. I like travelling, hiking, arts, listening to kirtan, doing simran, volunteering, watching movies, and spending quality time with family. I was involved in a brief marriage of few months couple of years ago. I'm looking for an Amritdhari or someone who's working towards it mature professional residing in Canada (or willing to move to CA) who has been raised in the West by a well settled, educated family. Sorry but I'm not interested in someone living in India. I would like to have a kind, humble life partner that holds similar beliefs and has same values and interests as me. Thanks for viewing my profile and best of luck to you.


2018-09-10 02:01:37