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The Stoic

Gender m
Height (cm) 175.0
Age 31
Marital Status never_married
Amrit yes
Location London
Education MBBS

Looking for: Age – 24-30 (flexible) Height: 5’2”-5’10” (flexible) Slim/Athletic Education to degree level (Elders want Jat, I’m not too bothered…) About me: I like the outdoors and walking/running in the hills and countryside. I work out a lot and am quite an experienced lifter. I enjoy reading books, studying philosophy (especially stoicism), and trying to develop a strong mindset. I also enjoy the artistic side of life and enjoy making music with kirtan and playing tabla. . I have had Amrit as a child and as I have grown up, apart from trying to follow the basic code of conduct regarding lifestyle and diet, to me its about having a responsibility to become physically, psychologically, spiritually and emotionally robust (rather than just looking different). I don’t take myself too seriously but I do take my training (in all four of those spheres) quite seriously as essentially, I feel it is my duty to do so. I take a lot of inspiration from special forces soldiers as I believe that these people have reached a pinnacle of human performance and ability – something I feel is what the Gurus wanted for us as Sikhs as well. To possess the ability to show deep compassion and love, but also to have the ‘switch’ to display unbreakable physical and psychological endurance and capability when issues arise in life, is, what I believe, the essence of being a ‘great’ man. I like seeking out challenges and adventure in all spheres of life, not just the physical, as I feel that’s where we get the chance to develop our bravery and virtues. . What I am looking for: . A good relationship needs trust in yourself, one another and the relationship. There should be honesty and commitment to making things work. I feel love is just wanting the very best for your partner without thinking about your own personal gain. I am looking for a woman who is driven and hungry to develop herself and to do so humbly, openly, and with vulnerability. Someone with heart (as they would say in the Rocky movies!) and someone who can remain calm when resolving issues. I would accompany her in this adventure, and it would be nice to have a companion too. I try to live and practice the qualities I want my partner to have (otherwise it wouldn’t be very fair!). . On the faith side, I’m not necessarily looking for someone who is an amritdhari, but someone who follows the basics of Sikhi in terms of lifestyle, and is somewhere on a path to taking amrit in the future. I don’t judge anyone on what they believe or where they are on their personal journey, we are where we are meant to be. But in terms of getting married and then starting a family at some point, I want to keep the foundation of Sikhi strong. . I'm looking for someone that I can get on with easily, someone who likes to laugh a lot and have fun, and who also enjoys physical pursuits and tries to rinse the very best out of herself and life. I would accept and love her family as my own, and also expect the same. On a more superficial note, I am still just a man, and would prefer someone who is attractive, with a slim/athletic body to match.


2019-04-14 14:07:47