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Gursikh Girl With Dastar working in PGi

Gender f
Height (cm) 169.0
Age 29
Marital Status never_married
Amrit yes
Location Chandigarh
Education BSc Nurisng from PGI

My sister is a medic with 7 years of experience as a Nurse in ICU posted here in PGI Chandigarh India. Shes convent educated and has done her schooling from Sacred Heart Sr Secondary. She adorns a dastar and is deeply rooted in the principles of Sikhism, so is looking for a groom who is amritdhari and is deeply inclined in practising the gurus saying in his life. We are nuclear family with my dad working as GM in a textile firm and mother as house maker with MA MEd in English. A younger brother with a Btech in Chem Engg. We reside in Chandigarh. Open to relocation but Chandigarh and nearby areas would be preferable.


2020-06-15 07:39:18