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Looking for a honest and good hearted Mr Singh

Gender f
Height (cm) 154.0
Age 28
Marital Status never_married
Amrit yes
Location Midlands
Education Masters

Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh Hey there. I'm a unique Kaur who tries to follow Sikhi as best as possible. I am looking for an Amritdhari Singh from the UK. I believe in equality so if I'm washing dishes I would hope Mr Singh can wipe the dishes! I have my western side unfortunately or fortunately you can decide! I enjoy watching films and blasting music whilst I'm driving. Oops! aha. I'm a super friendly Kaur who is looking for a Singh. If you are looking for a supermodel Kaur I'm not your type! I don't focus on appearance and looks because those will change over the years but an ugly personality cannot really be improved. I am honest and straightforward- have a question ask me- simple. I want someone who I can connect with, as do we all really. I tend to be sarcastic sometimes but I love humour as well. If you like what you read above please feel free to drop me an email. Please note I have previously put up an entry so if you email me and I don't reply back that means we've either spoken before or I'm not interested- No offence intended. Anyways I wish everyone all the best and may Vaheguru help guide us all.


2021-04-14 21:47:38