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Looking gursikh girl

Gender m
Height (cm) 172.0
Age 37
Marital Status never_married
Amrit yes
Location Punjab
Education B.sc /M.sc

Name: Prabhjot singh pjotkhalsa@gmail.com Resd: Punjab Dob: 22 Aug 1983 Height: 5ft 8in Marital status: Unmarried Education: MSc in Computer Science Job: Permanent Govt. School Teacher Family: My parents and younger sister (married) living in Derby UK, all Amritdhari. Dharm: Amritdhari Sikh trying to live a simple life as a Gursikh in devotion to Shri Guru Granth Sahib jee & Khalsa Panth Interests: with Guru Sahib kirpaa blessed with Kirtan & carry out humble sewa especially teaching children kirtan in preparation for national level kirtan programs. Always wiling to financially help less well off children in education & marriages. Attend gym to keep fit & eat healthy food. Attend Kirtan programs whenever possible is part of life. Like traveling. Personality: responsible, friendly, caring, quick learner, creative... Travel: I visited uk twice and Australia . I have 5yr canadian visa.


2021-05-19 06:58:32