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Gurjit Singh

Gender m
Height (cm) 174.0
Age 32
Marital Status never_married
Amrit yes
Location Mandi / Himachal Pradesh
Education MCA(Hons)

Sat Shri Akal/Hello :) I am a simple, calm and reserved person who believes in simplicity and honesty. A good cook and believe that cooking and cleaning is a basic life skill and not a gender role. Amritdhari Sikh having full faith in Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji and full respect for all faiths. Though Amritdhari but still open minded and flexible and strongly believe that Religion is very personal matter and religious beliefs should never be forced on anyone and these should be followed only when they come from inside of you and not from anyone else. Strictly against dowry and spending money on big marriage functions and I believe that marriage should be kept as simple as possible. Also, no money should be wasted on buying expensive gifts or for satisfying anyone. I personally believe that a girl leaving behind everything and becoming our family member is the most precious gift for me and my family and which is priceless. And the only request I will have from my partner's family is to do Ardaas for our well-being because only these prayers/ardaas/blessings will remain with us forever and all other materialistic things are temporary. Medical Ailment: I have a minor skin disorder (Vitiligo) which first appeared in June 2016 (few small white spots on hands and legs) and it is minor, stable and slowly improving with time. It is non-communicable and has no impact on physical and mental health of the person who has it. Please connect only if you are ok with it. All the best! :)


2021-07-18 15:13:32