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Gender f
Height (cm) 167.0
Age 37
Marital Status divorced
Amrit not_yet
Location europe
Education bachelor's degree

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh! I am open to the possibility of finding a life partner. Partner that I can stand back to back with in the battle of life, a partner to enjoy the wonders and beauty of this life experience. Happy moments, sad moments, hard moments and the moments in between. Looking for a partner that holds his commitment to Guru Ji in high regard, a partner that I can walk with and lean on if necessary as we both walk hand in hand towards Waheguru Ji. Looking for a simple man with simple pleasures. Someone who loves his family, strives to be aways truthful and kind even when it is hard. Loves to be active outdoors, like I do. Values his feet, more then his car ;D Wants an emotional, intellectual, spiritual, physical connection in order to even consider marriage. Someone who already lives in EUROPE. No one from India, please.


2022-07-20 18:44:24