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Searching for a Amritdhari life partner

Gender m
Height (cm) 180.0
Age 27
Marital Status never_married
Amrit yes
Location usa
Education MS

My son born and raised in the US, and work as Director, Director Science. He has double major B.S. in Math and Statistics, and a minor in Computer Science. In addition, He has M.S. in Data Analytics. He is a charming, humble, introvert, unpretentious, broadminded, compassionate, and spiritually oriented Amritdhari (not the traditional one). Therefore, he understands the imperativeness of the Divinity and dignity of Woman. He likes  gymming, and soccer. He likes to cook various vegan and vegetarian cuisines. I would like to introduce him to an authentic, sincere, serious, compassionate, loving, precious, and warm Amritdhari professional young professional woman or a professional student, from any caste, race or color, born and raised in the West, for sacred matrimony. She preferably is a dastaar wearing gursikh or who at least joyfully keeps her whole head covered out of her love for Sri Guru Maharaj Ji, not out of any socio-cultural obligation. In addition to being a brilliant professional or student and a warm family caring human being, she believes in continuous learning, teaching, and evolving. She has intense devotion to Gursikh Rehat and earnestly desires to meet Her Beloved Guru. She believe that marriage is a sacred not a transactional relationship. She also places Sri Guru Maharaj first and foremost of all human relationships and loves a real Gurmukh lifestyle, both inner and outer. She has a realization that a woman's innate natural beauty, both inside and outside, doesn't need any cosmetic cover up, and it is indeed in Sri Guru Maharaj Ji's radiance. She has no affinity with outdated cultural ceremonies, and traditional practices, such as bhangra, dances, jewellery. Interested parents, students, families, or our young daughters, please feel free to contact.


2024-01-21 00:25:09