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Gender f
Height (cm) 152.0
Age 25
Marital Status never_married
Amrit yes
Location India
Education GNIIT (Software Engineering) From NIIT

I am an indian gursikh girl from a very respectable family. I Am Very Nice, Self-Made, Down To Earth (Amritdhari) Girl. Slim, God-Fearing, Nice Personality. I am a arts graduate From Delhi University, plus i have done GNIIT (Software Engineering) From NIIT.I have done plenty of short term courses in, cooking, etc.....plus i am keen to learn more things in my life..... Presently I am working as a computer teacher in school. i want a very understanding and trustworthy partner whom i can rely upon...who will be my best friend and i can really depend on that guy for the rest of my life.....if you possess these qualities and think that i am the right person . thanks for reading me patiently.....


2012-04-07 10:50:15