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Sikh Guy Sikh-ing Sikh Girl 11-2012

Gender m
Height (cm) 173.0
Age 35
Marital Status divorced
Amrit yes
Location uk
Education BA Hons Degree Finance

I can honestly say that I'm definitely a dying breed of true gentlemen, intelligent, vibrant, independent, sociable, confident and focussed professional guy, with a modern approach and positive nature and an added cultural twist. My god, I sound like a cocktail lol. I have recently taken Amrit and proud of the fact. However, I definitely a Sikh guy with a difference and not your normal stereotypical bloke. I live independently in my own home and as a result I'm very domesticated, self-sufficient and able to stand on my own two feet very comfortably. There is no need for my potential other-half to worry about being chained to the kitchen appliances… it'll probably end up with me being chained to them. Just let me out for some fresh air occasionally and bread and water to get me through lol. As you can tell, I have a dry, witty and entertaining sense of humour. I've been told to give up my day job and go on stage, but the thought of rotten sabji being hurled at me doesn't exactly fill me with joy!! There is a serious side to me, when the need arises. I am also a very good cook. A great dinner host and I enjoy the company of others, even if they are only coming over for the food. I'm a firm believer in communication and looking for someone who will add value to my life. Not financially, but via mental and emotional stimulation. I'm not after a "yes, yes" girl either. I would like a partner to share my life and I theirs. I'm not one of those people who will marry just for the sake of it. I know what I’m looking for and willing to wait for that person to come along than waste anyone’s time.


2012-11-26 01:55:20