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Wanted Gursikh Madam 1-2013

Gender m
Height (cm) 178.0
Age 36
Marital Status divorced
Amrit yes
Location Chandigarh
Education MCA

I am a tall, fair, handsome, fun-loving, soft-spoken and down-to-earth boy. Have deep affection for Gurbani. Believe in high moral values and simplicity. Working in a leading company in Chandigarh as a senior IT professional. This is a permanent and pensionable job. I also run my own IT business. Income: 50,000/- pm. Got divorce b'coz of girl's cruelty. Both parents are retired from govt jobs and getting pension. Two sisters. Both are married Have a Kothi in Patiala and a commercial property in Mohali. Hobbies: Write poetry, love photography and play table tennis. Regularly contribute articles to The Tribune newspaper. Awarded national and state scholarships. Living in official accommodation in Chandigarh. Our family is pure vegetarian and we seek sanctuary of only Guru Granth Sahib Ji. Requirement: A puran Gusikh, educated, adjustable and beautiful girl from non-trimmer and non-drinker family.


2013-01-04 15:44:10