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singh 2-2013

Gender m
Height (cm) 180.0
Age 22
Marital Status never_married
Amrit yes
Location canada
Education BCOMM

I am an amritdhari singh born in India but brought up in Canada, therefore i am well versed in both punjabi and english. I am currently pursuing my BComm in Accounting. I love listening to katha and keertan especially classical/raag. i spend a fair deal of time on watching and taking part in sports, particularly basketball. I am looking for a chardi kala singhni with sohni dastar or someone who is working towards being amritdhari. If your somebody who fits the bill and hold sikh values high, feel free to contact me through my email. Look forward to hearing from you and learning more about you !


2013-02-22 03:21:35