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Professional guy looking for non-trimmer, non-drinker girl 3-2013

Gender m
Height (cm) 178.0
Age 28
Marital Status never_married
Amrit no
Location New Jersey
Education Master of Science

I am a finance professional, working for a well known bank as a financial consultant. I love watching sports, going out, traveling new places, Bhangra, listening punjabi music. Beside my hobbies, I am a religious person too, like going to gurudwara and listening to shabad gurbani, katha vichar and doing seva. I was born in India and grew up both in India and USA. I am looking for a simple, family oriented, professional girl and most importantly as my title says, she should be non- drinker/smoker and non-trimmer.


2013-03-29 01:17:31