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Do you have the maturity for remarriage? 8-2014

Gender m
Height (cm) 165.0
Age 47
Marital Status divorced
Amrit yes
Location Greater Manchester
Education BEng (Hons)

I am down to earth person caring and considerate with a good level of mature understanding. My preference is to meet and partner up with a life long better half and live within a Sikhi / Gurmat life style. My interests are reading, going out into the countryside and hills for enjoyable walks and scenery also DIY and industrial engineering etc. Please get in touch if you have similar interests but must really be Amritdhari and have a mature nature. If interested Please telephone 07411262695 or email me at Gurditt1singh@gmail.com. I work in the rail industry as design engineer and usually go to the Gurdwara at weekends. You may not be working yourself and this I may understand even then you can get in touch using above contact details ASAP. Waheguru bless you in your search hope you find someone that you like soon.


2014-08-16 22:07:08