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Gursikh Health Care Strategy Professional 8-2014

Gender m
Height (cm) 173.0
Age 27
Marital Status never_married
Amrit yes
Location NEW YORK,
Education BDS, MS, PMP

Waheguru JI Ka Khalsa Waheguru JI Ki Fateh This is Dr Inderpreet Sigh (Age-27 yrs, 5'8'') and I saw your post on Gurmat.com matrimonial pic and thought to reach out to you. With all due regards, I am an Amritdhaari Sikh, so would be interested only in someone from GuruSikh family. Even if she is not an amritdhari (And wont force her), she should be rehatdhaari (Veg, Non drinker and non clubber). I do attend Samgams (AKJ Samagam and Dodra Sangat) for I am a staunch supporter of Gurbani that this life is given as to make Waheguru’s ansh really proud. I am a big data health care professional working in a Fortune 20 Healthcare Consulting firm in NJ-NY. Graduated from Maulana Azad Medical College(MAMC, India) as a dentist and then Medical College of Wisconsin as a healthcare technology expert, for the healthcare moving in a different area altogether. I plan to go back to do my MBA from Harvard/Columbia or similar IVY league later in my life (4-5 years) after I reach C suite management in the firm. Family: Closed knit Delhi based small Guru Sikh family. With daily Naam Simran and Kirtan as the first thing in a day, I have become a strong believer of giving exact equal status to my other half, from making food or sharing life to giving her space. Also, I earn a very good salary but don’t have any major expense so taking care of the family will never be an issue; if that is something you want to know. Family is very important for me; I have a younger brother (Senior Financial Consultant in India) who plans to do his MBA from an IVY college in 2016. Attached are my three pics. Please respond with pics and other details if you do think that your daughter and we share the same ideology. Thanks Gurfateh Dr Inderpreet Singh


2014-08-16 22:36:28