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Search 4 Nitnemi Amritdhari match 9-2014

Gender m
Height (cm) 183.0
Age 29
Marital Status never_married
Amrit yes
Location Delhi / Jalandhar
Education MBA In Finance

WGKK WGKF, I belong to Amritdhari Sikh Jat family village in Jalandhar Dist. We r 4 family members - Mom housewife, Dad Retired Transportation businessman and younger brother working in MNC. We both brothers working in same MNC in Delhi. I am being in Delhi since last 7 yrs. My aim in life is to free frm Birth-Death. We searching for Nitnami Amritdhari match who along with follow all principles of sikhism. Marriage as per Gurmat maryada. If u like the profile then please contact me on 8376908832 or on my email


2014-09-03 03:02:26